Projects in AVR


1.0-99 counter using AVR

2.Anti-theft alert system

3.Alarm Clock using ATmega32 Microcontroller

4.Auto Intensity Control of Street Lights

5.Automatic Railway Gate Controller

6.Automatic Staircase Light

7.Biometric Attendance System Circuit

8.Boolean Algebra Calculator

9.Controlling a BLDC Motor with an ESC

10.Fire Alarm System using AVR Microcontroller

11.Gas Leak Detector With Automatic Air Exhaust Using ARM Cortex

12.Heliostat Skylight

13.Light Intensity Measurement using LDR and AVR Microcontroller

14.Power LED Dimmer using ATmega32 Microcontroller

15.RFID Based Toll Plaza System

16.Sun Tracking Solar Panel

17.Temperature Measurement using LM35 and AVR Microcontroller

18.Wireless Drawing Design

19.Implementing Discrete Fourier Transform in Atmega32 to make an audio spectrum analyzer

20.Optical Tracking System