Projects in ARM


ARM Hardware Platform For Vehicular Monitoring And Tracking.

Embedded Solar Tracking Instrument System.

GSM Based Automatic Energy Meter Reading System With Instant Billing

Locking And Unlocking Of Theft Vehicles Using CAN

Application Of Narrowband Power Line Communication In Medium Voltage Smart Distribution Grids

Car License Plate Recognition And Decision Using MATLAB And GSM

An Interactive RFID-Based Bracelet For Airport Luggage Tracking System

An Intelligent Combat Robot

Prototype Of Finger Print Based Licensing System For Driving

Voice-Customizable Text-To-Speech For Intelligent Home Care System

An Optimal Power Scheduling Method For Demand Response In Energy Management System

Passenger Bus Alert System For Easy Navigation Of Blind

A Module Integrated Isolated Solar Micro Inverter

Mobile Jammer For Secrecy Rate Maximization In Corporate Networks

Greenhouse Monitoring And Controlling Using Android Mobile Application

Implementation Of Children Tracking System On Android Mobile Terminals. (Sms Based)

Accelerometer Based Free Fall Protection For HDD Android Controlled Robotic Boat To Travel In Water With Wireless Video And Voice